Apollo Diamonds

Natural Diamonds are the precious gemstones that can be afforded by the rich and affluent people of the society but the trend of using diamonds in the jewelry has got increased recently since some years. This increasing interest in diamonds has initiated the thought of producing man made diamonds decades back. Since 1955 companies are using the technique of compressing carbon under high pressure through a room sized machine to produce diamond chips or dust. Though these diamonds are not big in size to be used as gems but can be used in certain industrial instruments like saws with diamond tip etc.
Apollo Diamonds

Evolution of Apollo Diamonds
With the advance of technology and extensive researches in this line had succeeded to produce good quality man made diamonds, by a Boston based company named Apollo, to be used as gems. These man made diamonds stormed the jewelry industry and were demanded from each and every corner of the world. Apollo Diamonds are used in various other industrial uses besides being used in jewelry like in several applications of scientific industry.

These man made diamonds are being used in various applications like mobile phones, lasers, medical applications, iPods, computers, etc. in the scientific industry. The demand of Apollo man made diamonds in scientific industry increased due to the fact that they are easily available and inexpensive alongwith the good quality that resembles in utility to the original diamonds.

Making of Apollo Diamonds
Initially the man made gems are being created by using the technique of chemical vapor deposition which produces multi-crystal compositions of the diamond but after extensive researches Apollo had discovered the technique to create a diamond with single crystal alike the natural diamond. Apollo prepared these diamonds by passing hydrogen and methane gases through the chamber where these cultured crystal seeds of diamond were kept. The chamber was treated with high heat and high pressure to form vapors of the hydrogen and methane gases which collectively get deposited on the diamond crystals to make them grow slowly and steadily into a bigger sized diamond.

These Apollo Diamonds are mainly produced to be used in the technical and scientific industries in their various applications. These diamonds can be made a good conductor of electricity if Boron is added in the CVD process. This CVD technique is also used for producing pure and crystal clear diamonds a number of times. Apollo got this technology to produce man made diamond unexpectedly during their research process. They were producing diamond chips by using CVD technique and these diamonds are put in the acid solution to get them cleaned. But some of these diamonds remained in the solution for several days and when they were taken out, the excess carbon and coal on the diamond was cleared out and a pure diamond was produced as a result. Hence a new technique of using CVD for making gemstones alike natural one was introduced in the jewelry market.Thus, Apollo Diamonds has become the synonym of the diamonds created by man which resemble the natural one.